Q: Did you met Marc? How is he?

Yes I have, last year at the Phillip island Moto GP!!!!! I was fortunate enough to get a photo and an autograph :) he was very kind and lovely despite being disqualified! And he is sooooo much better looking in real life!

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Marc Márquez en Tarifa.

Besides Nicky Hayden, no other person in there, seems interested in whatever their watching. 

It’s summer. It’s hot. Boys are walking around shirtless. It’s only appropriate to bring this back in larger size.

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This kind of dive is popular in Australia, I grew up doing them in the pool all the time. They’re called Suwies (short for suicide) because you open out as if you about to belly flop and just as your about to hit the water you curl up into a ball like a normal bomb! And I suspect that’s what Marc is doing here…. If not.. Ouch :/